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Dental Filling in Hull

Dental fillings are the answer to repairing cavities in your teeth and restoring their original condition.

At Spring Dental Surgery in Hull, we understand the importance of maintaining good oral health, and one of the ways to do that is by treating cavities and tooth decay early on. Dental fillings are a common and effective solution for repairing damaged or decayed teeth, and we offer a variety of filling materials to suit your needs.

A dental filling is a procedure in which a dentist removes the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth and fills the area with a material such as amalgam, composite resin, or glass ionomer. The filling material is then shaped and polished to match the natural contour of the tooth, restoring its function and appearance.

Types of Fillings we Offer

  • Amalgam fillings, also known as silver fillings, are made from a mixture of metals and have been used for many years. They are durable and long-lasting but may not match the color of your natural teeth.
  • Composite resin fillings, also known as white fillings, are made of a tooth-colored composite material that can be matched to the color of your natural teeth. They are a popular choice for front teeth, as they blend in well with your natural teeth.
  • Glass ionomer fillings are also tooth-colored and made of a mixture of glass and acrylic. They release fluoride over time, which can help to strengthen and protect the tooth.

The procedure for getting a filling typically requires one visit to our office. During the appointment, the dentist will numb the area around the tooth to be filled, remove the decayed portion of the tooth, and then place and shape the filling material.

How does a filling procedure work?

Firstly, the filling area will be numbed with numbing cream, ensuring the procedure is as comfortable as possible. Your dentist will leave this to set and check it has taken effect. As a pain-free procedure, you may feel some pressure but no pain.

The next step is removing the decaying part (known as the cavity), whilst a dental assistant uses a suction device to remove debris from the mouth.

Once the area is free from decay and clean, the filling material is made, which comes in two types, amalgam and composite. Amalgam is grey and very strong, whilst composite matches the colour of your tooth. Created by a machine, amalgam is pressed into place. Whilst white fillings are a combination of priming agent and bonding material, hardened with a light.

Your dentist chooses the material and places it onto your tooth, and ensures your bite restores. They may ask you to bite down naturally to shape the material and file away any rough areas.

Filling procedures for children

The filling procedure is the same, however, our dentist will spend more time explaining what’s happening and reassuring the child. We understand this procedure can be scary for children and our team can reassure them.


Regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene practices are essential to maintaining the longevity of your fillings. Our team will provide you with instructions on how to care for your fillings and will schedule regular check-ups to ensure that your fillings are functioning properly.

Don’t let tooth decay or cavities affect your oral health. At Spring Dental Surgery in Hull, we offer a variety of dental filling materials to suit your needs and help you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

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Rebeka Croshaw
Rebeka Croshaw
24 March 2023
I’m a new patient at the Spring Dental Practice and I’m so glad I registered with them. Everyone I have dealt with has been professional and friendly, from the lovely lady on the reception to Katie the dental therapist and Sorin the dentist. I’ve always been nervous of dental visits but not any more. I had old fillings removed and replaced and I was so relaxed I could have fallen asleep!
Melissa Blackburn
Melissa Blackburn
28 February 2023
Very happy with my experience at this practise. Dentist was wonderful and explained everything clearly. £74 for full check up and 3 xrays i think is very reasonable
Tiago Figueiredo
Tiago Figueiredo
15 February 2023
Great staff very professional and with massive acknowledged. Went in a emergency and was with dtr Sorin Caba and his assistant. Massive thanks for the treatment and help. Definitely won a new client.
Jane Morton
Jane Morton
2 December 2022
Very efficient and friendly staff. Also a very clean practice . I'm also deaf and it was no trouble at all for them to put their masks down so I could read their lips. Thank you x
Harry Riches
Harry Riches
1 December 2022
Staff very helpful and courteous waiting room spotless.

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